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Been off for a few weeks taking care of business on the hog. Back for a bit and the reviews will commence soon. *cheers*


I guess I'm just upset that people who try to make these game servers public and ask for donations or votes can just go and drop game servers without notification and such? These people @ AMDWOW could use quite a few lessons on public relations.

Although they are usually a fun server, they are still rude and impossible to communicate with OR they just flatly ignore you, even if you start off nice.

Mainly I'm just hanging around to see how outrageously I can outfit my DK. After I play with the DK a bit I will move onto another free hosted WOWgame server where I can give ya the skinny on them.

Over-ALL on AMDWOW, it can be fun. Although this game server is fun sometimes it still lacks maturity and serious dedication by its owner to develop it into a great free game server. Ditch 3 of the PVP servers and make 3 of them PVE, Fix all the missions to retail perfection and you might have a great setup here. Don't ignore your users! Even tho you offer this free besides votes and d…


Well seems they keep shutting down the teleporters from the Lich King, this leave you stranded sometimes or at least taking the long way home. They need to fix these permanent before I blow a fuse.

Death Knight update: nothing, they still haven't fixed a lack of rune forge since they made it impossible to go to Ebon Hold. All we care about ids that the regular shit work right? Right!

Gonna get a friend to join up with me, see if that makes the game a bit more fun. Missions ALL fixed and working would be a step in the right direction. The PVP is good for the most part, no griefers except the odd res killer but they are pussies anyhow.


GM support or getting help sux on this game server. They do not care what your problem is and DO NOT answer tickets. The chat system doesn't seem to hook in with the /join officer command like it should for this server.

Death Knight issue they won't fix: NO rune forges! Ebon hold is inaccessible.


Well lately the connection has blown to this game server they drop the game servers allot in an effort to improve things but when they do they confuse us by not explaining what they are doing and why.

I just made a DK (Death Knight) you have to have a character that is at least 55 or higher in order to make a new DK not sure why it is but seems the standard everywhere. Instead of starting at Ebon my DK was created no where near a rune forge so how do I charge up my sword? hmmm.

Anyways all the servers are dropping as we speak. Only 2 out of 6 are left up and running while they fiddle around with the others.

I like that you can train up skills fast and I love that you can set for a flying mount without having to pay a fortune in real money or game gold. Will continue.


This non USA WOW server is better than most. While their mastery of English is weak which effects missions and descriptions for their rules and server descriptions it doesn't deter that this is one of the more fun free wow servers I have been on lately.

You still have your choice of great gear even if you do not vote or offer donations. But on the other hand this is constantly being waved in your face.

Lich King served as a main NPC from which to teleport, bank adjust skills etc until they changed it suddenly, now I'm not sure how to get around and find that begins to annoy me. Hope they fix that one quick or put in gates at all the major burgs.

Some of their vendor numbers are a bit ridiculous. There are so many in one location it is hard to find anything or it takes all day to shop.

Missions need to be fixed, repaired and grammatical corrected then it needs to be left alone. It will make us questers happy.

All servers are PVP which sux, one dedicated quest server outta the…

Eternion Server

Has 8 realms! unfortunately all pvp. Translation into English is not very good and is misleading in missions etc. Assume this game server must be run by Japanese players.

In starting the wow server they pelt you with gold, 80 level, and a bunch of weird teleporters and mall areas. This server focus's on trying to maintain the number one rating on the top 100 free wow servers by constantly urging players to vote for them, also offering rewards for doing so. IMO they should concentrate on delivering excellent game play before trying to gain a rep as number one?

Anyhow, they have a ridiculous timeout. It seems if you stand still for more than 3 minutes your out if the game, so logging in is something you should not mind doing if you play this wow server.

For those of us non die hard pvpers there isn't much to do here other than play around on various flying mounts they give you all of them at start. You can also battle MOBS but doing the missions seems ridiculous and extremely ha…

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Well I finally packed it in on this free wow server. IMO not fun enough, to many gankers and just a touch boring. But performance wise was the big issue, lots of lag and tons of disconnections. The delays logging in were ridiculous at least 20 minutes most times.

I join to play not to wait, so I quit, next!

WOWgasm or WOWrotica?

Apparently they can't make up their mind and its very confusing to get an account set up. I did a search for top 100 free wow Servers and they were on the list so I signed up, here's my on going review.

WOWsex or whatever is made up of 4 servers 2 pvp and 2 quest. First free wow server I have found that actually had a non-gank quest server and 2 of them at that. On the PVP side it business as usual gankers and griefers still abound. Lots of perks like super gold, fast level, free stuff to hook ya but that gets old fast so I went to their wowquest servers claiming to be 100% retail wow like in nature. I don't know if I agree with that on the whole but it is more like it. Missions are a pain in the ass as directions or mission markers do not appear on mini map, even using map addons. So finding every place to go is laborious. Gain is slow and gold is even slower. Dying on the two quest servers is a pain in the ass because it requires GM tickets, the spirit healers do not wor… update

Well not sure if its my connection or their wow server speed (I'm on cable with COX) but the connection in game is jumpy and a bit laggy. I won't blame Molten though until I've verified my modem speeds and cables.

The wait period to log-in due to server restrictions on their part is still ridiculous. They either need to add more allowed accounts per game server or maybe expand and add a new server or two, or just up that number some.

Other than that I been having fun. No griefers yet, got ganked once with my newbie character. Was the typical I'm fighting a mob and my health slips then the ganker hops in and finishes me off before the mob could. Ahhh well such is digital life eh?

Mission work fantastic. I haven't hit one yet that I remember that hasn't worked and they are still the best way to raise up exp on a newbie.

Stay tuned I'll add more about this free wow server as I come across stuff.


A new update about UOWOW the first free online wow server I tried, it seems that it is closing down as of 05/2010. Apparently, the game server admin did not get rich as he had hoped by trying to elicit funds through every means possible in the game and he has given up.

Not to worry folks there are lots more out there and I will find the best ones and weed out the shitty ones.

Oh and a word of wisdom or two to people hoping to get rich with free wow servers. There's retail out there now which cost $15 to play each month and they do not make you pay extra for the goodies, usually. Then there's YOU the supposedly free game server. Why not practice what ya preach and stay free for ALL of it? People will pay Retail for a stable wow server where quests ALL work, gear is attainable by anyone and PVP and PVE are balanced and optional. So why would they donated $15 bucks a month or more for upgrades and stuff from you? Doesn't make sense even an idiot would agree. So lets concentra…


Fairly quick sign up for a free wow account. Only three game servers with a limited number of players allowed on each so there is an irritating "wait" to play, sometimes of a hour or more. Unless you switch wow servers. Added 5/16/2010: The wait period really sucks on this one, almost enough for me to pack it in already go somewhere else. I've been 373 in queue for approximately 35 min now. The admin needs to add more to the numbers allowed on each wow server or update their equipment to handle it if they want to be rated as good. Most of us don't want to create characters on different wow servers its too tedious.

Missions are intact for the most part nothing seems not to work there. In game graphics are a bit amateurish especially where some seams do not line up or the type of texture used is inappropriate for the type of structure.

People seem friendly on my game server at least, haven't checked out the other ones yet. I have not met…