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Defiance - Not so hot

I bought the full retail $60 early bird version of Defiance. Got the red Dodge (hate dodge), got the Quads (love those), got some weapons (garbage), and some other stuff like titles, etc. Tell ya I was hyped and ready to go after I did the Closed Alpha 3 Test. I could see the potential for this game IF they catered to both the shooter AND RP communities BUT alas it left the RP players out in the cold.

So far it's a shooter and not a good one by any means. The free to play ones like APB, Blacklight and Planetside 2 to mention a few actually blow this out of the water as a shooter.

Let's address the shooter aspect first then I'll talk about what the game needs to survive otherwise I see a bleak short life for this game. (The TV show is different, it's RP, acting and makes sense, everything the game doesn't).

The shooter end of any shooter is usually the gun customization or modding aspect of it and in Defiance it is a disaster. Makes no firkin sense and is hostile …