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What kind of business practice is it to cheat the customer?

Hi Readers and fellow gamers,

Well lately you have heard me ranting on Trion's business ethics and downright criminal behavior. Too strong an accusation? I think not, I'm a customer, this is my outlook, I purchased a game in good faith through a 3rd Party Authorized seller which is Steam. Steam is more of a distributor of licensed games AND F2P ones as well directly from various developers. They do not create the games just sell them like any other online store, however they also interface your games with other online so that there is a community of gamers (your friends) that you can interface with and play the games together if they are MMO or team. Pretty cool but they are not responsible for some game companies shady dealings as the ones Trion is pulling on it's customers of Defiance.

I purchased Defiance for $60 bucks through Steam it was the deluxe version that came with a number of player items that you would receive once you created your account. That went smoothly…