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StarTrek Online : The Iconian thing

Well I was happy, now I'm pissed. Cryptic have a way of coming across as all about the money even though they are supposed to be Free to Play. They are better than some MMO's in that respect but they are far from perfect in it as well.

I've spent real money (ZEN) in STO to buy a ship and some other things, frivolous, no sense spending IMO after all spending any real money for digital goods is odd at best and for the non-gamer probably even stupidly insane. After-all this is not tangible goods we're talking here we are talking digital (as in doesn't really exist, your buying nothing for real money) Another way the logical person would look at it is, if Cryptic ever went tits up (which if they don't get better about their fixing bugs, might happen) then all those digital goodies you bought go "poof" and so does your REAL money. Of course if your a spoiled little asshole whose parents give him/her whatever to shut them up and keep them from getting under…