StarTrek Online : The Iconian thing

Well I was happy, now I'm pissed. Cryptic have a way of coming across as all about the money even though they are supposed to be Free to Play. They are better than some MMO's in that respect but they are far from perfect in it as well.

I've spent real money (ZEN) in STO to buy a ship and some other things, frivolous, no sense spending IMO after all spending any real money for digital goods is odd at best and for the non-gamer probably even stupidly insane. After-all this is not tangible goods we're talking here we are talking digital (as in doesn't really exist, your buying nothing for real money) Another way the logical person would look at it is, if Cryptic ever went tits up (which if they don't get better about their fixing bugs, might happen) then all those digital goodies you bought go "poof" and so does your REAL money. Of course if your a spoiled little asshole whose parents give him/her whatever to shut them up and keep them from getting under foot you probably don't give a shit. But if you work 40 hours a week and break a sweat while doing it you take your digital purchases a bit more seriously.

Why all this chatter about real money and phoney stuff? Like I said I've actually dropped some real money down on STO. To me I was paying for the game which I never bought since it's F2P and it is a pretty decent game except for what I'm getting to, I felt the game company did a marginal decent job and my purchase was a show of appreciation.

However, after my good experiences I have had some not so pleasant experiences that have me a bit pissed, since this is my blog I'll tell you about it and the pissy little Trek Geeks who think Cryptic are Gods and can do no wrong can go jump in a lake.

Well one of my purchases with real money (ZEN) was an account bank (so all my characters on one account could exchange items other than through mail) However, mail is stupid and doesn't know or recognize when you are trying to email your own toons something that is account bound so you need the account bank for account bound items. Anyway, I bought the 10 slots and it worked fine for the first week. Then STO patched in their new Iconian add-on and in so doing (lack luster pre-testing) screwed up my Account bank which now has 4 unusable slots. Some of you are probably going aww pew-pew well I spent real money and expect to get what I paid for (anything else is stealing from me and I detest that).

I've written their bug reports and GM's about the issue but don't get any answer to my satisfaction about what's being done to fix the issue only the automated usual BS, which pisses me off. Because I do feel like I've been stolen from. Anytime, you say something in the STO forums your tackled by smart asses and geek STO cult members (every game has liberal cult members that think the developer is God and can do no wrong and everyone else is a pew pewer) Now it's not just the account bank but other issues as well. Seems like Cryptic didn't test run their Iconian patch as they should have before unleashing it on the public.

What pisses me off even worse is they have the nerve to ignore requests for some real answers and that it takes them forever to fix these things but only takes them a few hours to add more promos for your ZEN like a weekend where they can still suck your money out of you for a broken game. Personally I've said to myself, "self your not supporting a company with real money, especially in these economically disastrous times, if they can't fix their broken shit as fast as they can produce promos to ask you for more money".

So while STO may have been one of my favorite 80% F2P MMO's it's rubbed me the wrong way and they will need to earn my trust again if they ever want to see another ZEN out of me. FIX THE BROKEN SHIT NOW! Tin Foil Hat Speculation: Cryptic deletes posts on the Forum from people like me who are generally pissed about some issue that is serious especially when it involves my real money. Also any private moderators of said forums also do this practice. It is also something I've wondered about, if they (Cryptic) do not like what your saying about them could they not in fact internally hack your account to cause issues with game play and or items etc.? Something to ponder.

Here's a short list of what I know isn't working as it should.

1) Account bank broken. 4 Slots do not allow items to be deposited into the bank. In other words pay for 10 get 6. Paid real money for this as well as $50 bucks worth of other things.

2) Entire game crashes (since Iconian patch) when trying to rename a DOFF (Duty Officer) in the tailor screen. (Crashed twice, filled out bug report both times.)

3) Some missions are broke and some need major readjusting. Deferi transports are no where to be found. Some of the system patrol missions have been nerfed to almost impossible to complete by yourself solo and they are supposed to be solo. I died 30 times in one system by one shots from the NPC enemies. Impossible given my ship did have buff's and shields on. but if a player can only have 7k shield why give the NPC the ability to do 15-20k dmg with one shot?  How does one survive an encounter like that? Wouldn't it make more sense if they only did 5-6k dmg to make it hard but not impossible?

4) Items being returned to me by the auction because of expired sale are showing up in the mail as an attachment that has no graphic nor can it be re-claimed, so I have lost millions of in game EC on lost items.

5) Space weapons are giving two sets of stats when you look at them on the ground the stats are lower than if you look at them while aboard your ship. This is asinine, make doing ship builds flawed and tedious.

6) The ship Loud-outs do not work and are confusing as shit. When I set up the two free load-outs that come with every ship your get it always A) forgets or looses my slotted items when I try and switch between them from the load-out screen.  B) Is a confusing mess as to where items from a load-out are stored when they are not loaded on the slots. IE: what should be the case is this there should be a free bank system per ship you own for load-outs only that allows you to preset what each slot in the ship will hold and when it's not on the ship it's stored in this loud-out bank instead in a predetermined slot, that way the game doesn't have to look through the regular bank, the account bank and the other toons and their ships through out your account for items that may be needed for a particular ships loud-out. I think the dude in charge of this at Cryptic is a moron and should fix it.

7) This is not a bug but I still think it should be looked into. Fleets are nothing more than a tool for a player to extort from other players. Most fleets have ridiculous standards set by the fleet creator for in game cash donations before you can even purchase from fleet stores. I think that fleet stores should not be admin controlled, that they should be available to any fleet member on joining a fleet regardless of contributions to the fleet. There said my piece.

When a developers bottom line becomes money rather than quality they will soon feel that in subscribers or players loss. Common STO restore my faith in you and fix what's broke immediately, put aside your quest for ZEN.


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