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DETHPOD WOW Free servers.

WOW is all i got to say, I haven't tried the PVP server but I made a character (Warlock) on their (like retail) server and its just like retail alright. Beautiful all missions seem to work, there are people around, I found a guild quickly and the peeps are cool. This truly is my new home for WOW at least when I play WOW. It's a 1X server so skills raise at the rate they do on retail. There are some bells and whistles but not many if you vote positively for them in the WOW free server TOP 100, which is OK so long as its not done overboard which this one isn't.

Ah like original wow you have a hard time getting around as a newbie since gates are hard to find. But hook up with a guild and other people will get you around the maps.

Like I said give this one a shot, you'll like it allot. I'll keep you informed as I play. Oh and they type English and keep a clean server.

Fatewow free server

I'll keep it short this one's garbage. They give you everything almost an instant 80, gear, you name it but there's nothing to do. Population seems to be foreign (non-English) I always make a character for the wife so she can spend a few minutes on MMO's if she wants and on this server these non-English typers or bad English typers do nothing but chase females around like perverts, totally fail! Since first off they have no clue how to pick up on a woman, wait til ya hit puberty before trying guys!

Anyway total boredom and a waste of time. Thumbs down.


This will be the last write up on this one for a bit we will check back later sometime but the log in issues with this game make it too frustrating to waste time on. 20-40 minute log ins are not uncommon and all because your "free to play" or so says the load in screen on occasion.

I've seen the number of people becoming equally frustrated with the log in issues and are playing other games as well.

Word of advice to Turbine, you can tell people something is free but then invent your own monetary system such as "turbines" for real money and it doesn't still make the game free. You can elate your paying customers but if you disrespect the free ones it may do more damage to your customer base than you think. The choice is up to you "Turbine" one thing at the very least is fix the game loader/log in combo to get everyone in a quickly as possible paying or not or you will have ghost towns in Middle Earth.

LotRO Part III

Still waiting to log in. I was in earlier today after waiting for around 20 minutes, so far its been at least 30 minutes and counting. Well that's it folks for tonight, I'll get in some WOW before bed at least log ins there are measured in seconds not in dollars. Night all.

LotRO Part II


Still exploring LotRO at this time. Currently the games producers have entered some summer festival content for everyone including us "free to play" people. I have noticed however that the festival tokens are also available as a pay for item in the LotRo Store not sure if that's aimed again at just the "free to play" people or what?

Worst thing about this game so far it the frikin log in time. Don't tell me it my PC! I get instant log ins on WOW, PotBS, and Tanks online, definitely not my PC. Turbine needs to stop misleading the public, if your offering the game "free to play" then make it free to play the whole thing including shortening the 20 minute or more log ins. VIPs get in instantly. The rest of us suffer and eventually if it doesn't improve so will my review of LotRO.

They are offering a 4 realm pack of quests right now at around the 2000-3000 turbine cost which may sound cheap but if your in game earning the turbines, you may h…

Lord of the Rings Online

Lets talk about LotRO for a moment. If you didn't know this MMO now presents itself along with thousands of other ones under the "free to play" guise. And first I'll talk about the things I like and then I'll mention what I don't like, after all what's a review without both positive and negative critique right? Of course. 

LotRO from a Game Artist's perspective (I hold a B.A. Visual Art, Game Art) is wonderful. The art is inspiring for the imagination and strengthens the story of middle earth perfectly. The scenery is beautiful and I often find myself stopping in game on my horse and turning off the UI elements (F12) and taking screen shots (F11) of the scenery. Its like taking a mental vacation at times, very nice.

The detail in the city art work is also excellent and I was impressed. In instances (dungeons) the artwork keeps up the same level of detail and the atmosphere makes it all seem like your actually in the pages of the novels.

Game play o…

Molten WOW

Well I'm on...rather I have an account on Molten to do an evaluation of their services for you BUT there's a big problem in that.

Molten offers five free servers, all of which are swamped! TWO hour wait times? I realize it's free but do you (the server owner) realize there is supposed to be a game there not just a login screen with a timer?

This has been this way for several days now and I'm just about done with it and ready to move on to the next one until we find one that balances content with login and we can get in there to play. I'm tempted to jump the gun and say skip this one but in all fairness I will give it a fair number of tries before I blackball them.

WOW retail has no waiting times get to that point and your starting to get it. Common Molten!

P.S. This is my second evaluation of Molten. I did one quite awhile ago and the write up doesn't change much so far.

Free Servers? Now there's Free to Play it opens up whole new worlds and whole new hells as well you decide.


Been awhile since I last posted and as in most cases it was because of real life issues, some good, some not so good. Anyhow that's not why we're here right? It's because we enjoy playing game online, either FPS, MMO or some other genre of game style but we love to do it with other people in digital environments, that's what counts.

In the last year or so a new phenomenon has hit the electronic gaming world. Used to be people would get the code from companies like EA etc to run the client on home based systems and offer free online gaming on privately owned servers. WOW! (pun intended) and UO were now free of that monthly $12-15 charge after the initial $65-95 purchase price that is.

Free player run servers offered free play but at a price! Kids aren't stupid they tried to turn a profit on this new deal. They charged you for all the coolest stuff in the game, the flying rides, the cool neon armor that is called "uber god-smack PWN u suit of vanquish&quo…