This will be the last write up on this one for a bit we will check back later sometime but the log in issues with this game make it too frustrating to waste time on. 20-40 minute log ins are not uncommon and all because your "free to play" or so says the load in screen on occasion.

I've seen the number of people becoming equally frustrated with the log in issues and are playing other games as well.

Word of advice to Turbine, you can tell people something is free but then invent your own monetary system such as "turbines" for real money and it doesn't still make the game free. You can elate your paying customers but if you disrespect the free ones it may do more damage to your customer base than you think. The choice is up to you "Turbine" one thing at the very least is fix the game loader/log in combo to get everyone in a quickly as possible paying or not or you will have ghost towns in Middle Earth.


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