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LotRO - my hunter elf

Well i spoke a bit about the wife's Lore Master character and how weak and really kinda frustrating they are to play especially from level 28 and down so far. She is weak, her pet companions are weak, and she has hardly any combative skills at all, boring, unexciting, lame and frustrating (oh i said that already). Well you get the picture?  I'm also disappointed how you can gain any level and not have some new skill or ability available to you, no matter how small, it would be something. But yesterday I reached level 29 with her and nothing no skills or anything either for her or for her pets or whatever, very disappointing to have voids in the skill gain like that. Anyhow, on to my Hunter character, more on the Lore Master later.

OK the Hunter reached level 40 now and I would have to say, compared to the Lore Master character this ones 90% more fun to play BUT still lame and weak in certain situations. First off hunter uses ranged weapons or can arm a sword or mace in each ha…

LotRO - A bit about character skills

Well I've made two characters so far both elves, one male for myself and a female for my wife (she hates levelling). The male character is a hunter class and we'll talk about him in a later article for now, however, I wish to talk about the wife's character...she's an Elven Lore Master.

First off one thing I gotta ask is "Gadalf is a Mage right? So is Saruman? Why then is there NO mage class in LotRO? I mean a pure mage not the lore master/rune keeper types? weird. My thinking is you would want to keep it as close to real as possible if your following the novels and create a game around them? no?

Anyhow the Lore Master is definitely a "LAME" character type. They (Turbine) call the lore master the crowd control person, well, how can that be when none of the spells make sense and NONE are for area effect? Crowds=AREA :P In my books. Not a real brainer there guys so where did you go wrong? First fire the guy who made up the skill sets, he sucks.

Crowd Contr…

In regards to "in Por ylem" free UO server

Well I finally did get in to create an account here, and for a brief 10 minutes or so had the chance to revisit with some old UO memories. Almost brought a tear to my eye, in more ways than one.

The whole deal with Razor which has major splash screen issues not to mention giving me netframework errors and disabling my windows firewall somehow. And then IPY, making the account and having my character be born with "general Character" name instead of the one I picked ( I could later change it but what a pain.) I also received a blue screen of death. So, I've given up on In Por Ylem 2 until they figure out what it is they have screwed up or Razor does or both. Anyhow I wouldn't recommend anyone with a clean running machine go and try this one out.

Not if you like gremlins afterwards anyhow.

Ultima Online a blast to the past, or not.

Well I decided to try out a free UO server called "In Por Ylem". Or at least I am trying to try them out. You know me I have patience enough to give it a concertize effort to get into the game then I start getting steamed.

Well this server claims its like the old UO before too many of the Addons and weird stuff started up. I remember those days better than most, I started playing UO when it went live right after beta. In fact I was established on the Baja shard the day it went up and I played for well over 7 years on it with 3 accounts and 15 characters so, I'm no stranger to UO and all the stuff, political and otherwise that went on in it.

I remember a time in UO when it was simpler and more enjoyable but yes even back before all the expansions there were some issues that needed addressing and most were PVP or exploit related. Really had Origin/EA just fixed those issues and left the rest be. The game would be as big as ever, instead it is dying.

Anyhow I want to talk a…