LotRO - A bit about character skills

Well I've made two characters so far both elves, one male for myself and a female for my wife (she hates levelling). The male character is a hunter class and we'll talk about him in a later article for now, however, I wish to talk about the wife's character...she's an Elven Lore Master.

First off one thing I gotta ask is "Gadalf is a Mage right? So is Saruman? Why then is there NO mage class in LotRO? I mean a pure mage not the lore master/rune keeper types? weird. My thinking is you would want to keep it as close to real as possible if your following the novels and create a game around them? no?

Anyhow the Lore Master is definitely a "LAME" character type. They (Turbine) call the lore master the crowd control person, well, how can that be when none of the spells make sense and NONE are for area effect? Crowds=AREA :P In my books. Not a real brainer there guys so where did you go wrong? First fire the guy who made up the skill sets, he sucks.

Crowd Control? Well the Lore Master has weak spells only one or two that deal damage. Allot for healing their pet or themselves. No real group effect spells though, shouldn't there be at least some decent fighting skills/spells so you can solo the character if you wish? So far the Raven/Bear companions are weak, die easily and if you concentrate on healing them you will soon join them because of the cool downs and timers for the spells.

I'm at almost level 30 with the wife's character and still feel like a newbie when I come up against Mobs of more than one, in this game more than two will kill a lore master, at least at this level. Cloth armor only. Only one weapon choice a staff and it does nothing magical? l-a-m-e.

Oh and trade skills. Same guy I hope or fire him/her too? Lore master match up is Scholar right? makes the most sense I agree but the trades are pre-grouped (probably by that hopefully unemployed person) Here it is you have no choice if you pick Scholar then you are also a farmer and a weapon smith. Gee thanks. Something that would have made more sense is Archaeologist to find Scholar materials which incidentally is also a pain in the ass. Perhaps some kinds of skills to hone in on materials and to help you get them more efficiently? beside the little maps locating ability. How bout a way to mark locations of ruins where you find materials and being able to recall back to that spot anytime to look for more? And weapon smith? How bout enchanter of weapons instead? I'd rather have the ability to make magic spells on weapons than make them especially since weapon smith requires prospecting (for ore). To me the grouping of skill sets makes doing your profession tedious and boring and expensive since you need to deal with others who think everything in game should cost 10 gp or more when a house only costs 1gp?

Anyways I'm gonna go work on her if I can get logged in and will update as her skills increase. lets hope she becomes more exciting as a fighter/mage? Cyas!


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