Elder Scrolls Online

I beta tested for ESO several times in its infancy and then forgot about it until well after it went public and live. In fact the game was a subscription and that didn't interest me in the least. Instead I was enjoying other Bethesda standalone titles like Skyrim and Fallout instead. I would rather pay once and have the game and all its parts right at the start.

Well after a while ESO announced they were going subscription free or as they called it "free to play". But we know how the game developers define their idea of free to play, the original game is free to download and play but everything else cool or worth having including future map additions will cost you as much as a new game costs or more. Not free to play in any sense of the phrase.

While ESO can be amusing, it has the feel of the stand alone games to an extent but there is much missing from the game as compared to the stand alones. Housing is not even close to the housing in Skyrim. In Skyrim you can decorate, your home occupies a physical location in the game AND most of all you can store your personal items in your home instead of always looking for a bank with meager slots available (unless you buy more with real cash or painfully slow in game cash for ESO).

Your crafting supplies take up your entire bank slots incredibly quick in ESO unless you fork over real money yo buy a craft supply slot which stores all your items for crafting in there later, again nothing is for free in ESO or mostly nothing.

Lets talk about Vampire and Werewolf skill sets and game play. Werewolf has more abilities, the entire 5 slot action bar can be filled and the Ultimate Ability as well but the skill and animations available are mostly lame. WW as it will from now on be refereed to has mostly Howling skills which IMO is not incredibly inventive. Perhaps one but not two especially given the game only allows for 5 slots plus one Ultimate on special moves or skills as they call it. Improve werewolf by keeping the leaping attack, Keeping only one Howling paralyzing skill, adding a skill that has you in human form utilizing some of your WW abilities in combat like for Example huge claws to fight with, the feeding skill is OK but the duration for WW form is stupid, lame and too short, I think like any fictional WW of lore that a WW should remain a WW as long as the moon is up and full AND should remain a WW as long as the player wishes to play the WW and toggles it off manually.

Vampire is worse. With only 3 bar skills it's pretty weak and unimaginative in design. The entire 5 slots and Ultimate need to be devoted to Fangs. For example the blood drain skill needs a revamp (pun intended) The Vamp should become mist like with a basic outline of a bat in the mist or a cape with the head of your character in the mist baring a mouth full of fangs, the Vamp should pounce on the victim and the animation should show the Vamp bending the victims head to one side and burying their fangs in their neck. The other skill mist whatever it is should have the Vamp disappear in a cloud of mist and if you move close enough to your target you reappear with your fangs in their neck, Another skill should be a large Bat form and actually being able to fly in the game during the night looking for victims. Also Wolf form for Vamp would also be a recommended addition.

Both of these lines, the WW and Vamp should have a second set of at least 5 skill slots devoted to weapons or magic that can be used in conjunction with the monster skills with no Ultimate for the weapons while in monster form but at least you would be able to utilize dual wield or summoning.

Housing needs storage in all good housing additions to any of the games I've played with housing like UO for example you could store personal items in chests or dressers etc. It is useless to provide a house without this capability.

ESO has a long way to go and I will bring up more suggestions to improve the game but the best suggestion I can give the developers is to stop being so greedy. I will not buy anymore add-ons or DLC  for the game, I purchased the original release in commercial and I have per-ordered Morrowwind but all the other content is lost to me because they want $$$ for it all.


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