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Fallen Earth - F2P by Reloaded Productions

*YAWN* still waiting to get off the login screen, will keep you informed. Still waiting after hours. Tech support is limited and vague. So right now Fallen Earth is pretty high on the LAME GAME list. If I can get in at some point I will alter the review according to my experience at that time. For now its all thumbs down.

Well I found an article on the ports they use 3000-3020 and 80. Those are opened to the program and not it actually goes from the connecting.... screen to the authenticating....screen. So far however it gives me a connection lost please try again after about 10 minutes of staring. (Is there really a game behind this login screen?) I will probably try a few more things and see if there's success but so far its a wonder anyone plays this game at all.

OK this one is a no go for me. My PC can handle hundreds of new games just fine, my equipment is up-to-date and all my drivers have been upgraded as well. Router was worked to allow Fallen to work  and still the game re…