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Frikin unbelievable, I post in the TRION forums and some asshole flames me/another
for a simple question so I return a post but use Asterisk in the curse so it
could be literally anything from a compliment to an insult but the point being there
is NO indication of an insult or a provable one other than my word for it the idiot
deserved it
. Here's the post the forum moderator sent back to me what do you think?
Do they need a lesson in the 1ST amendment or do I need one in profanity?
[QUOTE=Trion_Community]Dear Ezpikins,
You have received a warning at Defiance Forums.
Rude to another member of the Community
We understand that you may not have been aware, but one of your posts/threads has
been removed because it was a not in concert with our Code of Conduct. Under our
guidelines, comments such as,
[QUOTE]Guy asked a simple question don't be a *******, ***-hat.[/quote]

The above quote is exactly what I posted in response to the flamer whom they …

What you read isn't always what you get.

Lately I beta tested Defiance which I'm eagerly waiting to play. It's fun and it's release is on April 2ND.  However, I'm a bit let off by one of Trion's promotions for the game in which they, teamed up with Steam. They offer various in game rare in game items which is a wonderful idea and thing and I don't want to seem ungrateful for a bit of a head start when joining up, but in this offer Steam/Trion say you get a copy of retail RIFT by Trion and a second incentive for buying Defiance early on Steam.  Where the problem lies is how they present this offer, it comes across like your getting a free game, you even get the CD code but that's not the case. There is NO FREE play on rift it's a subscript only game UNLESS you want the vegetarians version of the game called "light" which limited you on almost half of all the playability of the monthly version.

Anyways, Like I said disappointing for me. You can only afford so many monthly games and th…

Beta Testing Fever

Wow what a gas. I have been so busy beta testing lately. There are so many new entries into the so called Free to Play arena it's not funny but some only call themselves Free to Play, not many really ARE F2P.

My first stop on the beta test was War Inc. The impossible slow to log-in shooter? Finally got in. Not bad game, nice maps, decent weaponry but already plagued by pimple faced Aim-bot users. Ruins it for everyone. Next.

The Secret World. WOW. Loved the zombies, cool world to explore but even the NPCs have gutter trash mouth. Too bad everyone thinks, everyone has to swear every Nine our of Ten words these days. (They truly have no concept of the use of profanity in society these days, take it from an expert.) Great movement, Good shooting action and some decent missions to boot. It has since dropped in price since going live but is not free to play. I believe they have dropped the monthly subscription fee of $12? It's now only the cost of the game which was $40-50 and has…