Beta Testing Fever

Wow what a gas. I have been so busy beta testing lately. There are so many new entries into the so called Free to Play arena it's not funny but some only call themselves Free to Play, not many really ARE F2P.

My first stop on the beta test was War Inc. The impossible slow to log-in shooter? Finally got in. Not bad game, nice maps, decent weaponry but already plagued by pimple faced Aim-bot users. Ruins it for everyone. Next.

The Secret World. WOW. Loved the zombies, cool world to explore but even the NPCs have gutter trash mouth. Too bad everyone thinks, everyone has to swear every Nine our of Ten words these days. (They truly have no concept of the use of profanity in society these days, take it from an expert.) Great movement, Good shooting action and some decent missions to boot. It has since dropped in price since going live but is not free to play. I believe they have dropped the monthly subscription fee of $12? It's now only the cost of the game which was $40-50 and has now dropped as well. Might be worth checking out if you like killing zombies and don't mind one F**k of allot of swearing?

Bullet Run. Wow people I beta tested this F2P and a few short months after it went public "POOF" Sony dropped it and it is now unavailable. It wasn't a bad game they even brought in some new maps but it was also aim-bot dominated and foreigners (rag-heads) were acting quite rude to other players. At least I found that. Anyways, *plays taps* this one is dead and gone.

APB Reloaded. Another shooter in gang style a little too Black and Mexican for me. And I don't mean that in a racist kind a way I mean culturally it would appeal more to their ethnic up bringing not mine. It is part bullet run and part grand theft auto. The car driving is frikin amazing. The shooting again controlled by aim-bot users, you can however run into matches with people that don't use aim-bot it just takes time.

Blacklight Retribution. OMG love the game, maps, toons. Hate the AIMBOT! Dominated by punks who can't shoot without help, holding each others hands and telling them how good they are shooting (Aim-bot) also they seem to think Aimbot really makes them champions? Let's see how good they do in Iraq without their frikin Aimbot . Anyways aside from those asshats, the game rocks and rolls and you can get by without spending a dime of real money as well. Cool weapons and a ton of Real Life upgrades for them. They do have some crazy shit like "exploding tomahawks" and toxic bullets and shit, they need to keep it real though or they will go to far and loose the realists. Maps there are many or were. Scenarios are many too from TDM to Take the flag and more it's in there. If they could get the Aim-bot under control this would rock but...well you know....the cheaters sometimes are the ones that spend the real money as well.

PlanetSide 2. I beta tested this for one day. I was on a contract when the invite came in so I didn't see it right away. I think this game is more epic than all the rest of the shooter genre and why? Because, it has everything all the other ones have, cool weapons, armor, vehicles but it's on an MMO scale not unlike what Defiance will be. Huge maps, easy way to get around to the fighting or you can take the long road in some kind of vehicle either ground based or a flyer. Lots of tech menus to flip through, really cool map view, fast reloads and character type changes. Free to Play? Not really, some things are and certainly there's enough to get you buy if you play free but the really cool stuff? Of course your gonna dig out the VISA or MASTERCARD.

Defiance. AWESOME. I just finished the 3RD Alpha Phase Test for this game. It's official release date is April 2ND 2013 the show will debut a week or so later on Sci-Fi channel. DID HE SAY SHOW? Yeah, TV Show and a video game for not only PC players but X-Platform as well. The game will effect the outcome of the show and vice versa. It has a possibility of limitless entertainment and enjoyment for millions of people IF Trion and Sci-Fi Channel play their cards right. ON that one you'll just have to figure it out.

Bit of a backgrounder. Defiance takes place on Earth, yes, this Earth. I think it's 90 years in the future after an alien race flees their solar system in Arks (containing all their life, history and technology)  which was about to go extinct they come to the only planet they know that can support them, Earth. Only problem is when they get here in 2013 they find us primates running around all over the place. They begin negotiations with us to settle on earth as well but some terrorist act destroys ALL of the Arks in orbit around earth causing a huge almost impenetrable Ark debris field around the planet. What crashes to earth causes the world to be terraformed however. Allot of what man knew is destroyed or ruins and replaced with an alien landscape and creatures and species mixed with what survived of our own AND Huge BUGS. Parts of this circling space debris come to earth like meteor showers called Arkfalls and humans and aliens alike run to salvage what they can from them but are always greeted by huge menacing alien/earthen bugs creature and smaller ones called skitter-lings.
We Ark hunters must battle the bugs/scavengers/mutants/machines for new technology and other things.

Anyways let me tell you about Defiance. I am a pre-order-er as well as a 3RD Alpha closed tester. When I logged in on Friday night I didn't know what to expect but shit I was blown away. As a shooter this game will send chills up your back. There's already a built in aim helper so no need for the AIMBOT assholes to waste their time creating one (go play somewhere else). And it doesn't make you ├╝ber shot either just evens the battlefield.

The guns are awesome, weapons are awesome and vehicles are awesome. weapons can be modded however that one aspect was a bit weak in Defiance. Mods were not easy to figure out, how to apply or what stats they brought to your gun/weapon. Needs a bit of work. Menus need a bit of organizational work but are extremely cool and once you figure it out not to hard to navigate.

The action at an Arkfall is nothing short of film quality hard rocking action. WOW. and everyone works TOGETHER. Novel concept. Explosion are nice and Nvidia Physx shines through. Ammo runs short but I think that might have a resolution.

Vehicles are cool but the physics behind them needs some work. Just characteristically speaking. Choices however are very cool (although I wish something other than a Dodge had survived in the car class. (Mustang?) (Corvette?))

Landscape. Earth with some alien elements (needs more IE: plants, animals, birds, insects, etc) In the beta we were limited around the San Fran area and there were places with not much visual candy.

Anyway, pre-order from Steam and you'll get a whole bunch of extra goodies to help you Ark Hunter.

FOR ALL THE ASSHATS: Oh and a bit of a reality check for some of you mentally ill youth who's parents taught you a liberally minded communist concept of gaming (when they did have a moment for you) that believe because you rule on a video game shooter you would do so in real life? Think again, you do not RES if you get shot OK? Once and your dead it's for good or maimed for life. The people you point a weapon at in REAL LIFE are those that mean to kill you or your family (not imaginary ones) otherwise you DO NOT point a gun, rifle or shotgun at anyone. If your old enough for military duty and of sound mind, you should have all your Constitutional rights intact and without infringement. However, if you feel strange about guns, a power over others or have other thoughts of violence please seek help and stay away from firearms. Remember there is a difference between a digital bullet and a lead one.


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