Frikin unbelievable, I post in the TRION forums and some asshole flames me/another
for a simple question so I return a post but use Asterisk in the curse so it
could be literally anything from a compliment to an insult but the point being there
is NO indication of an insult or a provable one other than my word for it the idiot
deserved it
. Here's the post the forum moderator sent back to me what do you think?
Do they need a lesson in the 1ST amendment or do I need one in profanity?
[QUOTE=Trion_Community]Dear Ezpikins,
You have received a warning at Defiance Forums.
Rude to another member of the Community
We understand that you may not have been aware, but one of your posts/threads has
been removed because it was a not in concert with our Code of Conduct. Under our
guidelines, comments such as,
[QUOTE]Guy asked a simple question don't be a *******, ***-hat.[/quote]

The above quote is exactly what I posted in response to the flamer whom they are

Can be considered as being rude to other members of the community. While this warning
does not reflect negatively on your account, future incidents could result in an
. This is just a reminder so that you can avoid these types of posts in the

Also, if you feel a post is out of line, please report it to the moderation team
rather than responding.

Thank you for respecting our community rules, and for helping us to create a fun,
welcoming, and safe environment for the Defiance Community.


The Defiance Community Team
What got me is this asshole, whom they are protecting was rude to another player whom I was standing up for and defending and yet we are the parties blamed, this asshole gets away with his flame job. This is the liberal Bullshit I'm talking about, since we're involved with media here and TV as well as a game we're treading into a land full of idiots that have no clue about Amendments or the Constitution or the terms Freedom of Speech. This has brought down the Trions public image with me a few notches. I am insulted by their political correct bullshit aimed at the innocent parties instead of the Jackass who started it.


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