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Elder Scrolls Online

I beta tested for ESO several times in its infancy and then forgot about it until well after it went public and live. In fact the game was a subscription and that didn't interest me in the least. Instead I was enjoying other Bethesda standalone titles like Skyrim and Fallout instead. I would rather pay once and have the game and all its parts right at the start.

Well after a while ESO announced they were going subscription free or as they called it "free to play". But we know how the game developers define their idea of free to play, the original game is free to download and play but everything else cool or worth having including future map additions will cost you as much as a new game costs or more. Not free to play in any sense of the phrase.

While ESO can be amusing, it has the feel of the stand alone games to an extent but there is much missing from the game as compared to the stand alones. Housing is not even close to the housing in Skyrim. In Skyrim you can decorat…


Well I've been busy trying out some more supposedly "free to play" games that really are NOT so free to play.

Most recently I played "Tank Wars" and all of the "World of _____" tanks,airplanes and warships franchise.

Tank Wars IMO is a waste of time, completely pay to win and completely hacked by Aimbot jockey's. If I wanted to play a war game solely to be a target it would be OK. Just log in game after game and die. No thanx.

The franchise war games ARE Free to download BUT that's pretty much where the free ends and the dig for your wallet begins. World of Tanks for example has something akin to Aimbot already built into it called "auto Aim" (quite original huh?) anyhow it does a pretty slow but decent job of keeping your turret facing the enemy but that's where it ends, it stays centered on the enemy tank if its stationary BUT if the enemy tank hides behind obstructions you will just shoot up all your ammo on what its hiding be…