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Online heaven or hell?

You know I appreciate people that take the time to create free game servers for the masses to enjoy without having monthly payments on top of a game that already costs $60 bucks to buy. Not to mention the killing these retail servers make on multiple accounts etc. I don't know about you folks but I'm not Howard Hughes or Donald Trump and $60 bucks is allot of money when you consider it could be used to feed yourself for a week if needed, pay a medical bill, pay a utility bill or some other important bit of real life.

The trouble is, some of these private wow servers are pure shit and others are totally grossly modified to the server creators liking which makes the game no longer enjoyable. I'm going to list the worst and the best here with links to all of them. So lets not waste time and get started.

First series will be on free WOW servers. I never played WOW in retail so I will not bash the game in that respect. And fully, I do not know how the retail game plays, how its…