Online heaven or hell?

You know I appreciate people that take the time to create free game servers for the masses to enjoy without having monthly payments on top of a game that already costs $60 bucks to buy. Not to mention the killing these retail servers make on multiple accounts etc. I don't know about you folks but I'm not Howard Hughes or Donald Trump and $60 bucks is allot of money when you consider it could be used to feed yourself for a week if needed, pay a medical bill, pay a utility bill or some other important bit of real life.

The trouble is, some of these private wow servers are pure shit and others are totally grossly modified to the server creators liking which makes the game no longer enjoyable. I'm going to list the worst and the best here with links to all of them. So lets not waste time and get started.

First series will be on free WOW servers. I never played WOW in retail so I will not bash the game in that respect. And fully, I do not know how the retail game plays, how its rules as positioned by Blizzard effect its subscribers either positively or negatively. What I'm looking into are free wow servers, and which are a waste of time and which are actually fun for all types of players, not just pvpers or mob hunters but trades people and other types of people that play the games for their own reasons.

I'm a multi role player meaning I don't dig just killing people or monsters, I also like working skills and trades and trying to succeed in the games economic realm. So my opinion is from that point of view. The view of how all people would feel about the game not just one of those subcategories.

I found a game server not long ago called UOWOW. Its at

Its a PVP only wow server and to me it lacks any fun for the overall player like myself. Firstly, it's full of foul mouthed young grief players and run by people like Hawthorne who caters only to these people and not anyone else. He himself has used foul language on the game world chat on several occasions. And asking for help in this game is fruitless unless you belong to the game server click.


My accounts on the forums have been corrupted and I can't access them. There is no link to get help with correcting it and it appears they don't care if there is either. Once you register with an email account and that account becomes corrupted or you cannot login anymore your email cannot be used again to ask for help in getting it fixed. So, scrap that email and for get about recovering any passwords or having those reset either there is no way. And NO I was not banned from the forums I only cause grief on this site not others.

In the game its all pvp. At least they had enough brains to leave the cities non-pvp for people that cant pvp or don't like it. The bugs in the game are so numerous that it is hardly fun and if your one of the ones that played retail WOW you will definitely have some opinions of your own I think. Half the skills do not work correctly as far as class go or they are so bugged the stats seem ridiculous either too much or too little. Its obvious Hawthorne is a weekend programmer if you can even give him that much credit. Professions suck, YES they have made it so you GM very quickly, in a matter of days but after you do half of the resources are unavailable to you or you need to purchase them from Hawthornes vendors on his gm island for outrageous inflated prices. Bugs take forever to get fixed instead of getting game play smooth first they concentrate on trying to spoil the brat pvpers in hopes of donations. Cash donations is the main drive behind this wow server, although its free to play you do so with shit and crap unless you fork over some green backs. The GM's solicit the players regularly with world messages as does Hawthorne. And as stated its a drive for money (he needs to find a real job and stop trying to force people to donate) donations are voluntary they should always be that way, not to get all the good stuff and be stuck with the crap if your not donating. Also, don't expect donations if you are unwilling to or unable to deliver the game in a finished and working condition that's playable, where all skills and professions work as they should. Now that the donation aspect has been cleared up lets move onto some of the game issues themselves.

GM's are not well trained and able to fix situations their solution is reward your disappointment with something free and not address the issue which caused the problem. Some of the GM's are friendly and try to be helpful but are in no way trained to do what a retail GM does.

Skills, spells and classes are all buggy and full of problems. Its not at all fun to play a character or race where only half of the classes and professions work like they should. If your a donating pk you end up with uber weapons which make killing poor people on the game even easier and the gear is the same. If it could be summed up I would say this is a wow server where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. While the game is as bugged as it is Hawthorne and his people focused on the donations and giving people homes, flying rides, 80 characters and uber weapons and gear etc only if they paid for them with real money, game money is taken but in such large ridiculous amounts that now single or small group of players would afford these items in years. You'll often get the go farm mobs and stop bitching script if you complain or ask for a more fair system.

As I said I never played WOW retail but I have played UO in fact I played for many years since beta release. I finally gave it up after there occurred problems there. But one thing I remember that worked very well in UO was that saving progressed seamlessly, in other words your game didn't crash and major updates or changes in the game were first added to a test game server and run there until Origin was certain they worked before they would patch you. Those patches also occurred before you logged in so game play was not interrupted. This is not the case with UOWOW, if you play here be prepared for some VERY frequent disconnects and shutdowns. Sometimes they warn you but 80% of the time they just boot you out. Very frustrating and stupid. Test this stuff on your test game servers people not on the main one!

Overall: I give this wow server a 2 out of 10 in my opinion it lacks cohesion is unstable and unfair to players not associated only to pvp. If you can find an area where things work as they should the game tension eases a bit but those areas are rare. The donation factor is too prime in this bunch of kids motivation, they need to get it working before they ask for or expect donations. Even though this wow server is classed pvp if they really want to expand the player base with is at a little over a 100 then they need to cater to non pvpers as well. Since they call themselves UOWOW the key word there being UO. They need to sign up there and learn what UO is really like and not just add half ideas etc that are bugged.

Well stay tuned for my next critique I will sign up with another free WOW server and report on it as well in the near future. I will also load up other MMO's that are being offered as free and see how they stack up. Until then cheers. - Sho'


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