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Either game manufacturers can't speak English or they have no concept of the word FREE. Why even get into this genre of game if you don't understand the principle, FREE means absolutely no cost what-so-ever.

Currently I'm beta testing two MMO Shooters and one MMO team kill, at this time I'll refrain from naming them because they are in Beta and you want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will understand and grasp the English word FREE when they go live. But I hesitate to hold my breath.

Look the argument I get from every wanna-be groupie or dev member is this, have to pay for servers ya know, blah blah blah. If you advertise FREE then legally your bound by law to make it FREE, completely free. That's right a person should be able to attain the highest level and the best junk and swag that's available in the game for absolutely no cost (in real currency). That's why I think the F2P fad is exactly that a fad.

Most F2P games are complete rip-offs …

War Inc. F2P MMO Shooter.

Well.....War Inc. The game has a pretty explanatory title. It consists of capture flag, death-match and sabotage matches. Very Counter-Strike like. In fact spooky so. Log-in for me is slllllooooooowwwww assssssss slooooowwww, at least 5 minutes to get from the icon to the client and the play button and then finally you load-out screen. It's so frikin slow I could go conceive 2-3 more kids while I wait.

Before some asshat from Warmongers says "it's your PC dude" other games like the beta test for The Secret World, Bullet Run and all my other Steam games including Black Ops all run great.
PC is:
Dual Processor Intel E2160's
Nvidia GT 9400 1 GB
500 GB HD
4 GB Ram
Cable Internet
Windows XP Pro
has latest bios
and drivers

Support sucks ass too. Slow and err...slow. F2P or FTP (free to play) MY ASS. Everything mostly costs GC Which you can only get through real money so it should be called P2W (Pay to win).

More later.

Fallen Earth Continued

Well I am disliking the cheesy modeling and the horrid texturing that was done in this project. The Dev team should be ashamed of themselves unless of course these are Construction workers who have traded in their jack-hammers and made their very first video game? If they are then they did a great job considering, but if they call themselves game developers? They need to go to Art school/ Game Art School/ texturing classes and get a degree in Game Art before they consider putting out a F2P game which they also charge money for items in. Real Money! Yikes.

Textures are terrible, the sense that someone just made a bunch of assets then randomly popped them into the game engine is the feeling I get here. Characters and actual modelling of things like ATVs and buildings, weapons, computer consoles and everyday items isn't really that bad but the support art and texturing destroy the game for me. If it weren't F2P I would put a plague sticker on this game and send it into orbit.


Fallen Earth revisited

Well I've gone back and given Fallen Earth one more chance. It seems it doesn't like my wife's computer, I finally got it installed on my new PC laptop. Once I installed the game, I was able to get in and created a character which went without too much of a hitch.

However, Fallen Earth doesn't report my Nvidia Gforce GT 650M instead it reports the on board Intel chip. Anyways, I got the game loaded and created my character and entered the game finally. On first impressions I was not overly impressed by the in game graphics. A lot of the textures seem to be stretched or act strangely with my video card which is super advanced for this game. The modeling in the game from a 3-D artist's perspective is mediocre at best. The realism, lighting, textures all seem unfinished. It's my opinion, that the game needs to go through another development phase where all the models and their textures are revamped.

In towns, assets are kind of thrown aro…

Bullet Run

Well Since the game is public I can finally write about my experiences in it which mostly occurred while in Beta. However, there have been some major changes since the full release which have greatly effected my view of the game.

First let me start by telling you a bit about Bullet Run. Was supposed to be a game based on a TV like game show where contestants kill each other for the amusement of the audience and for style points.  That never really came into play and the game kind of evolved into game show type environment for the players themselves by having commentary by a few NPC announcers, there are flying cameras etc but they do nothing in recording spectacular moments and kills for prosperity. Still the game is fun, at least now it is.

Pre-release and a bit after it was publicly released Bullet Run had a few very unpleasant things going for it which pissed me off and made me not want to play. The biggest issue was weapon repair, a first person F2P with weapon repair costs. This…