Bullet Run

Well Since the game is public I can finally write about my experiences in it which mostly occurred while in Beta. However, there have been some major changes since the full release which have greatly effected my view of the game.

First let me start by telling you a bit about Bullet Run. Was supposed to be a game based on a TV like game show where contestants kill each other for the amusement of the audience and for style points.  That never really came into play and the game kind of evolved into game show type environment for the players themselves by having commentary by a few NPC announcers, there are flying cameras etc but they do nothing in recording spectacular moments and kills for prosperity. Still the game is fun, at least now it is.

Pre-release and a bit after it was publicly released Bullet Run had a few very unpleasant things going for it which pissed me off and made me not want to play. The biggest issue was weapon repair, a first person F2P with weapon repair costs. This was gross because your weapon naturally wore out to useless very quickly and constantly needed repairs which you, the player had to work for in game constantly. It was outrageously expensive and the deterioration rate of weapons was unusually high and outrageous, needless to say it was boring and just plain stupid. I think it resulted in much lower participant numbers than the creators of the game expected. So Sony took out weapon repairs since the release and now the game is better to play.

But hold your horses, I said it was better to play it still isn't perfect. The biggest thing I see is still weapons. Bullet run weapons are given only 2 upgrade slots for standard weapons and 3 for the black line of weapons. This SUCKS! There are a tone of fun upgrades available but you can only have 2 or maybe 3 if you can afford the black weapons. Most of these will cost you real money because they are priced so ridiculously high that you can almost never get enough GP in game to buy them.  Upgrades cost almost as much as the guns themselves upwards 7k-10k GP and you make roughly only 70 GP per round of play that's allot of rounds to earn enough GP. Rest of the upgrades for players etc are as highly priced.

Anyhow, to fix the game further SOE needs to add upgrade slots to the weapons (at least in my opinion) for every major area of weapon upgradable for example there should be a slot for Stock, one for sights, one for muzzle, one for barrel, one for magazine, one for decals or custom paint etc. So the player can buy one item for each category not just two for the entire gun. The price of those upgrades should be relevant to actual real world prices so players can afford to buy them.

Anyhow SOE did add a new arena which is very cool and it seems they may add more in the future. Perhaps that's how they should focus on making real money for the game which is supposed to be free? By selling new map addons for $2-$5 real cash? That may be more acceptable to players than being gouged for addons?

Anyhow give the game a try it is free to play (almost) and fun.



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