Fallen Earth revisited

Well I've gone back and given Fallen Earth one more chance. It seems it doesn't like my wife's computer, I finally got it installed on my new PC laptop. Once I installed the game, I was able to get in and created a character which went without too much of a hitch.

However, Fallen Earth doesn't report my Nvidia Gforce GT 650M instead it reports the on board Intel chip. Anyways, I got the game loaded and created my character and entered the game finally. On first impressions I was not overly impressed by the in game graphics. A lot of the textures seem to be stretched or act strangely with my video card which is super advanced for this game. The modeling in the game from a 3-D artist's perspective is mediocre at best. The realism, lighting, textures all seem unfinished. It's my opinion, that the game needs to go through another development phase where all the models and their textures are revamped.

In towns, assets are kind of thrown around to fill space in my opinion, no real cohesiveness exists again this is due in part to amateur modeling.  In the wilderness, there exists highway overpasses or monorail tracks but have no cohesive directions or details. All in all art wise this game needs a lot of work and is no FALLOUT  by any means.  The one thing interesting is the fact that this game is an  MMO and fallout is not.

 This game does have some interesting ideas in it, like modes of transportation.  There are horses, ATVs, and motorcycles as well as cars.  All of these are modeled fairly well in comparison to the buildings and landscaping.  Still it's my opinion that Fallen Earth needs to go back to the drawing board and be refined with richer lighting, more realistic texturing, and some cohesive town construction and map construction.

 Environmentally, there are no weather aspects to the games to the game.  No blowing wind  effects or storms, no rain or snow. it seems to be set in a desert like area however, I lived in Arizona for 10 years  and the desert never looked like this.  The game artists need to do some research on their topics.  There are Saguaro Cactus in fields of grassy plains, there are resources placed haphazardly all over the place. I guess the best way to describe it is lack of depth and accuracy.

Anyhow, I'll play the game awhile and tell you what I think of that aspect the next time. For now cya later.


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