War Inc. F2P MMO Shooter.

Well.....War Inc. The game has a pretty explanatory title. It consists of capture flag, death-match and sabotage matches. Very Counter-Strike like. In fact spooky so. Log-in for me is slllllooooooowwwww assssssss slooooowwww, at least 5 minutes to get from the icon to the client and the play button and then finally you load-out screen. It's so frikin slow I could go conceive 2-3 more kids while I wait.

Before some asshat from Warmongers says "it's your PC dude" other games like the beta test for The Secret World, Bullet Run and all my other Steam games including Black Ops all run great.
PC is:
Dual Processor Intel E2160's
Nvidia GT 9400 1 GB
500 GB HD
4 GB Ram
Cable Internet
Windows XP Pro
has latest bios
and drivers

Support sucks ass too. Slow and err...slow. F2P or FTP (free to play) MY ASS. Everything mostly costs GC Which you can only get through real money so it should be called P2W (Pay to win).

More later.


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