Well I've been busy trying out some more supposedly "free to play" games that really are NOT so free to play.

Most recently I played "Tank Wars" and all of the "World of _____" tanks,airplanes and warships franchise.

Tank Wars IMO is a waste of time, completely pay to win and completely hacked by Aimbot jockey's. If I wanted to play a war game solely to be a target it would be OK. Just log in game after game and die. No thanx.

The franchise war games ARE Free to download BUT that's pretty much where the free ends and the dig for your wallet begins. World of Tanks for example has something akin to Aimbot already built into it called "auto Aim" (quite original huh?) anyhow it does a pretty slow but decent job of keeping your turret facing the enemy but that's where it ends, it stays centered on the enemy tank if its stationary BUT if the enemy tank hides behind obstructions you will just shoot up all your ammo on what its hiding behind IE: Rock, House, mountain, you will NOT hit the tank when it is hidden behind something, you need to disengage the auto-aim and fire manually at a piece you can actually see sticking out. The only time the auto-aim really works is when the enemy is out in the open and stationary. Provided you have the only useful ammo in the game on hand. The other two types of Ammo just bounce off or do no damage at all.

All of the games listed here Especially the World of series ARE pay to win. To me just a greedy guy trying to sponge as much off the player as possible and lying that the game is free to play. They might argue that you can download the game, install it and play away as much as you want, while most of that is true the REAL truth is, you get very basic configurations of tanks, most you have to buy with experience credits or the in game money, both are high and hard to get.

The only way you stand a chance of surviving and actually killing other tanks (unless you get lucky with the useless ammo) is to fork over real money. Ammo is ridiculous two types are usually free but not always, one is an armor piercing that couldn't pierce a piece of cheese the other is a high explosive that just makes fire works but no damage. The other armor piercing shell can be bought on "some" tanks for a super ridiculous high price in game money or in real life cash and even they are iffy on penetration if you haven't got a store bought tank.

Most times if you play free, you login to the game, drive around in the cover until a player with a store bought tank spots you and 1 shots your ass into oblivion. So if you like being a moving target the game might be for you.

I have had a guy dead to rights with the cheap armor penetrating ammo and shot them 5-6 times at close range without damage (you get voice confirmation like "it bounced off" or "ricochet" or "we didn't do any damage" these messages continue until the enemy locks onto you and with one shot ends your game. There is no second chance once your TKO you are our of the game and can only spectate, boring.

As you move up in tiers the tanks almost become impossible to purchase with in game money, it takes literally FOREVER. Each match pays on average between 3,000 - 6,000 credits, and roughly 150 experience points a higher tier tank can cost over a million credits and 12,000 experience, do the math and you will play for a year before you can buy a decent tank AND then you have to buy upgrades which are even more experience and credits AND to move onto the next tank you have to buy all the high upgrades of the previous tank, STUPID and a gimmick to piss people off into buying stuff for real money.

IMO not great games to play and NOT free to play.


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