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ArcheAge...Trion again.

Trion games has been in the news quite a bit in the last couple of years and not always for good things either in fact quite the opposite.

Trion is known for two previously released titles. One is Rift and the other Defiance, which is mated with the TV show of the same name but really that's where the similarities end.

Defiance was designed to be an MMO shooter to accompany the TV show however, the way the paring was handled makes it look like it was done by baboons. The show is all about RP, stories, plots and action, it can manage to hold your interest for an hour but it also has it's pitfalls it's full of porn, lewd suggestive sexual confrontations. Let me ask you is that shit necessary? People tune in to watch a Sci-Fi about a new terraformed earth filled with new and weird life forms including surviving humans NOT hand jobs, lesbians or faggots.

The GAME was supposed to interact with that show but I ask you HOW? It lacks socialization, no RP ability and the chat syst…