ArcheAge...Trion again.

Trion games has been in the news quite a bit in the last couple of years and not always for good things either in fact quite the opposite.

Trion is known for two previously released titles. One is Rift and the other Defiance, which is mated with the TV show of the same name but really that's where the similarities end.

Defiance was designed to be an MMO shooter to accompany the TV show however, the way the paring was handled makes it look like it was done by baboons. The show is all about RP, stories, plots and action, it can manage to hold your interest for an hour but it also has it's pitfalls it's full of porn, lewd suggestive sexual confrontations. Let me ask you is that shit necessary? People tune in to watch a Sci-Fi about a new terraformed earth filled with new and weird life forms including surviving humans NOT hand jobs, lesbians or faggots.

The GAME was supposed to interact with that show but I ask you HOW? It lacks socialization, no RP ability and the chat system is painful to use. Trion supposedly let go their entire Rift crew go and retained their CA Asshat clan of Defiance team. Doesn't make sense, anyway as I predicted this game went F2P because it is useless and no idiots other than myself and a handful of others would actually have paid for it (shamingly I did, I paid $65 for the game prior to F2P and $35 for the season's pass) then poof it went F2P naturally I'm out the $100. The game is still full of bugs, misaligned graphics, terrible lag and other junk.

Anyway after that failure you think they would have learned a lesson. To be fair Rift, Trion's title before Defiance is awesome in respect. You get dimensions where you can build your home and decorate the entire dimension. If you beta'd like I did your stuff carried over to the live game. And you can pretty much play the game F2P which surprises me. Chat is cool and useful, the UI is cool, fighting sequences are cool and it is a social game if you want it to be with opportunity for RP unlike Defiance.

There newest title is ArcheAge which is a Korean created game (no wonder it works, Trion didn't actually code it) The game play is absolutely superb! I've been Alpha testing the game and now I'm in the final open Beta and although there are a few areas needing improvement and some land mass requiring finishing it's good to go. I actually had fun leveling to level 31. I made a glider, have been collecting resources to get my ship finally built and have been questing all over the place. But that's where the fun ends.

First off I have learned that even though this is supposedly a F2P title it is NOT. It is actually a P2W game with total disregard for it's F2P players. Harsh words? Well sometimes the truth hurts but this is a money grab by Trion and they don't give a shit about their F2P player base just the ones with Daddy's check book or more money than brains and we know there are plenty of those around.

Apparently when the game goes live this 9/16/2014, Trion will wipe everything we've done in the betas. Allot of the liberal are going so what, they'll just get dads wallet and pay for everything again.
While those of us without a fountain of cash who will play F2P will suffer.

What does that mean, well spelling it out again for the liberal trolls it means cost to get some stuff back. No F2P about it. In Beta I worked hard to tell Trion about bugs I encounter in the game, I also worked hard to suggest items that could use improvement from a player stand-point. But I also ground out the game interface and the quests and leveling up to level 31 so far, I do not fancy the idea of having to regrind back up to level 30 again, obtain my ultimate glider again, and all my saved resources and the gold I have made. Why is Trion taking this stance of pissing off the F2P player in favor of paying customers when they actually NEVER wiped anyone's stuff in Rift or in Defiance.

Housing will not be open to F2P players as will not the Owning gardens or fields. All the liberals are running around saying well make friends with a Patron (paying) player they will let you plant on their land or share a piece of their house. Excuse me? I have to find some liberal asshat and beg a spot from them? I cannot plant trees safely or anything else only in open where they can be stolen unlike Patrons who are secured. Houses are denied to F2P players ( Are you starting to feel discriminated against? I know I am). Paying customers also get the enhancement stuff easily to make armor and weapons, F2P do not and are penalized by small amounts and large massive intervals of getting anything special.

Like I said the game is really cool but Trion's public relations bites ass. I don't think I'll play much, just when my other games are down and such. And I don't recommend anyone else who has to play F2P give this one a second thought, play Rift instead.


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