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Star Trek Online Cont'd

OK a bit more information about STO and it's game play. I'm now into my second week of STO and I/m still harf and harf about this game. First lemme tell you IMO playing a Klingon is far more fun that being a Fleet dweeb. First off you can't make one till your fleet dweeb is level 25 or so anyhow which is weird but OK. Then your only allowed two characters for the whole game if your F2P so duh! yeah, I'm gonna make at least the second char who has to be Klingon anyhow.

OK so I got that out of my system let's talk Klingon, not literally you PutaQ (sic) The Klingon story line is WAAAAY better than the fleet one and the quest/missions are WAAAAY more fun to play. Fleet is boring after Captain rank :(. But the whole Kahless thing is another story makes you want to sit there and do them. Kudos to the STO writer of the Klingon content (you should go give that Denevian Slime Devil Fleet writer a slap upside the head the PutaQ! *spits*) What a difference.

Anyhow leveling …

DC Universe and Star Trek Online who reigns supreme?

Well lots has been going on. I have tried a few other F2P Online Games/MMO's recently including DC Universe Online @ and Star Trek Online @ and I will tell you my take on them now. Let's start with DC since I played that one first. DC Online characters are great and I'll give them a four out of five on the graphics of the game. Nicely done! You can see they made more use of either higher poly counts here or excellent high res texture maps either way you get a good comic book feeling about the game. You get to make your character to its fullest which I thank them for, most online MMO's that are F2P limit you ability to level your toon (VERY LAME) IMO. The website is a great tool for new player of the game to learn how-to in the game, to me that's important. DC is still a traditional F2P in the sense that YES they do charge you extra for some content and although it's sad that you don&#…