Star Trek Online Cont'd

OK a bit more information about STO and it's game play. I'm now into my second week of STO and I/m still harf and harf about this game. First lemme tell you IMO playing a Klingon is far more fun that being a Fleet dweeb. First off you can't make one till your fleet dweeb is level 25 or so anyhow which is weird but OK. Then your only allowed two characters for the whole game if your F2P so duh! yeah, I'm gonna make at least the second char who has to be Klingon anyhow.

OK so I got that out of my system let's talk Klingon, not literally you PutaQ (sic) The Klingon story line is WAAAAY better than the fleet one and the quest/missions are WAAAAY more fun to play. Fleet is boring after Captain rank :(. But the whole Kahless thing is another story makes you want to sit there and do them. Kudos to the STO writer of the Klingon content (you should go give that Denevian Slime Devil Fleet writer a slap upside the head the PutaQ! *spits*) What a difference.

Anyhow leveling isn't a big problem in STO, except the boring Fleet content. The game moves along at a fair clip and you usually get some kind of recognition for achieving every level in the game except for a few. Again pack and bank room are at a premium and you have to fork over real money to get more (sux). Another cool thing: You get a ship at every rank advancement, how cool is that? Even if your a F2P like me AND at least they are not charging me for more dock space to house all these free ships.

Crappy thing: Ferengi and Cardasian Lock boxes. The boxes are free and are a random spawn on mobs BUT you have to fork over real money like roughly $2.15 for a key to open each and every one, the cheap skates couldn't even make it so at least you could open any 5 boxes with a key it JUST opens ONE! But you can't spend just $2.15 on a key anyhow, minimum is $6.25 for like 300C which is the in game money and the key is 100C. So it can add up to allot for some digital swag that disappears when the game finally does. This is a big waste of money and I now junk all my lock boxes instead of eating bank space up with them. On top of that other player have lost interest in them because the chance for good items to come from the boxes is lame, so you can't even give these away now and just last week I got 5 million energy credits from selling a gold one which are now bonded to your character which makes them useless especially to F2P players. Oh boy.

Crappy thing again: like I said before the tech support and player guides suck in this game. (Worst I've seen in a game). Something that has me foaming at the mouth is the crew training and leveling part of the game. You can train you officers with some useful skill although it seems like they all over lap and have no real way to control them. It's really, really CONFUSING! Common STO get that Klingon mission writer to write some good tutorials on crew leveling and skills.

I'm on a mission called the Vault right now and I would like to tell STO to watch it they are making this one a bit to weird. First off I won't give away the mission but these two things bug me. A) ship sensors are useless in the game they outta detect anything you want from other ships types, planet inhabitants and history and miscellaneous crap floating around in space SUCH AS the damn derelict ship in the frikin mission! B) when you make a frikin lock that needs to be opened a certain way make sure you tell the players exactly what it is they need to do without giving the answer directly away on how to open it ALSO give the frikin lock a reset button if you screw up. I screwed up and now the lock does nothing and I'm sitting in the mission, so STO what do I do next huh?

OK more to come stay tuned.


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