DC Universe and Star Trek Online who reigns supreme?

Well lots has been going on. I have tried a few other F2P Online Games/MMO's recently including DC Universe Online @ http://www.dcuniverseonline.com/ and Star Trek Online @ https://register.perfectworld.com/sto_splash and I will tell you my take on them now. Let's start with DC since I played that one first. DC Online characters are great and I'll give them a four out of five on the graphics of the game. Nicely done! You can see they made more use of either higher poly counts here or excellent high res texture maps either way you get a good comic book feeling about the game. You get to make your character to its fullest which I thank them for, most online MMO's that are F2P limit you ability to level your toon (VERY LAME) IMO. The website is a great tool for new player of the game to learn how-to in the game, to me that's important. DC is still a traditional F2P in the sense that YES they do charge you extra for some content and although it's sad that you don't get everything that legendary players get you still get enough to enjoy the game without paying real money if you wish. The fight sequences are nice and smooth, good combos etc. AND although this is centered around DC comic characters I was able to bring my marvel favorites to life in the Character creation screen with some imagination I got some Marvels right on and some pretty close. SO, you CAN be a Marvel in DC too if you want? The PVP is Fun! The missions, some are fantastic but some get old fast unfortunately the Buster line is kinda boring but a good way to get to know the cities. I'll write more on this one later for now go download the game at the link provided above and enjoy it for a few days then come back and tell us what you think.

Star Trek Online. This one I have just started playing after a short hiatus between DC. First thing that bugged me was the graphics. On the same computer that I get wonderful unblocky characters and environments on in DC, I am getting polygonal boxes and flat color textures in Star Trek. It's disappointing that the planet environments, star bases, DS9 and other orbiting stations all have such blah textures and lame graphics its like playing something 15 years older. Another thing right off was two characters only in the F2P side. You can make one Federation and one Klingon that's it. And no way to earn in game money in the game to unlock things either, most everything requires REAL MONEY to buy Cryptic points. Yuck. Why was this F2P again? Anyhow, the space fighting is pretty cool although I think the cinematic camera operation and angles could have used some work and make flying around and targeting things a bit weird. The interface or HUD is pretty cool in space and on land they are easy to use however I still have to hold my mouse over everything because the Icons aren't very descriptive as to function. Crafting in this game since its there is terrible. Doesn't make a lick of sense and requires huge amounts of already limited bank space on F2P and pack space as well. More costs real money again and there is no in game version of cash that can be earned instead to upgrade. (That's a big bummer IMO). The website for Star Trek Online is useless as is the wiki for it. Not very helpful, does not contain instructions on all the features and very little tech support. This also didn't not please me. I'm still playing so I will give it some more time and will come back and write more and re-review them one my toons have levelled to a useful level.

Until next time folks *cheers*


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