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Ouch! Defiance and it's prime time blunders.

I along with a few other players I'm sure are wondering why it is Trion insists on patching and crashing at prime time?

While I can understand and I really do appreciate patches to fix issues with a game that should have been corrected with all the information received from three alpha tests, I still have to wonder why it is they do these things when most people actually find time to play?

Today is another such day, first the two hour patch then the 4 plus hours after the patch that the servers had to go down to repair what the patch screwed up.

Unfortunately I have not worked in game company yet as I'm a 3D artist but I would suspect that having a small independent DEV only server always running and being checked by an in house testing team would be the way to go to test pre-release of patches and new content before unleashing and fucking up the entire game(s)?

The following part of this column has been written many months after the top part. Since that patch and it's iss…