Ouch! Defiance and it's prime time blunders.

I along with a few other players I'm sure are wondering why it is Trion insists on patching and crashing at prime time?

While I can understand and I really do appreciate patches to fix issues with a game that should have been corrected with all the information received from three alpha tests, I still have to wonder why it is they do these things when most people actually find time to play?

Today is another such day, first the two hour patch then the 4 plus hours after the patch that the servers had to go down to repair what the patch screwed up.

Unfortunately I have not worked in game company yet as I'm a 3D artist but I would suspect that having a small independent DEV only server always running and being checked by an in house testing team would be the way to go to test pre-release of patches and new content before unleashing and fucking up the entire game(s)?

The following part of this column has been written many months after the top part. Since that patch and it's issues TRION has only stooped to new lows in business ethics and IMO criminal behavior. Trion recently closed their San Diego offices and moved it's Defiance operations to it's LA RIFT operation. This is post laying off most of the entire RIFT team and retaining the blunderers that are working on Defiance. (This boggles the mind).

When I purchased Defiance through Steam, I was given the full retail version of RIFT prior to it's going F2P which was odd in itself. Why? Well Obviously TRION didn't come to the conclusion overnight or in the few weeks following my purchasing of Defiance to make RIFT F2P?  Anyways, it happened and to tell you the truth RIFT is a much more enjoyable, thought out and creatively created game than Defiance could ever hope to be. Which is the only nice thing I can say about Trion.

 Trion has done something else to upset customers, they lowered the price of Defiance from $60 which I paid to $10 and are offering DLC for $10, which I paid $35 for this was called their season pass. This change in price also could not have happened overnight.  Trion also released a new DLC for their Casthian class aliens and us prepaid customers did not receive it. I don't know what is going on with Trion's executive but the company is spiraling towards doom if it keeps alienating its customers.

 I've written customer support on several occasions to try and resolve  these account issues in a civil manner but Trion does not respond.  So  I'm Warning all potential customers of Defiance to hold onto their money for a while longer.

 Rift Is a much more stable game and I suggest that anyone wanting to try out one of Trion's titles choose that one instead.


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