WOWgasm or WOWrotica?

Apparently they can't make up their mind and its very confusing to get an account set up. I did a search for top 100 free wow Servers and they were on the list so I signed up, here's my on going review.

WOWsex or whatever is made up of 4 servers 2 pvp and 2 quest. First free wow server I have found that actually had a non-gank quest server and 2 of them at that. On the PVP side it business as usual gankers and griefers still abound. Lots of perks like super gold, fast level, free stuff to hook ya but that gets old fast so I went to their wow quest servers claiming to be 100% retail wow like in nature. I don't know if I agree with that on the whole but it is more like it. Missions are a pain in the ass as directions or mission markers do not appear on mini map, even using map addons. So finding every place to go is laborious. Gain is slow and gold is even slower. Dying on the two quest servers is a pain in the ass because it requires GM tickets, the spirit healers do not work.
Can be a pain in the ass especially if your somewhere you teleported and cant get to your body for a location res.

Anyway still waiting for my res talk to you later. 20 min.

On a side note these wow servers are becoming a pain in the ass for slow logins. They also seem to cater to donators rather than all players so lets see how that flys.


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