I guess I'm just upset that people who try to make these game servers public and ask for donations or votes can just go and drop game servers without notification and such? These people @ AMDWOW could use quite a few lessons on public relations.

Although they are usually a fun server, they are still rude and impossible to communicate with OR they just flatly ignore you, even if you start off nice.

Mainly I'm just hanging around to see how outrageously I can outfit my DK. After I play with the DK a bit I will move onto another free hosted WOW game server where I can give ya the skinny on them.

Over-ALL on AMDWOW, it can be fun. Although this game server is fun sometimes it still lacks maturity and serious dedication by its owner to develop it into a great free game server. Ditch 3 of the PVP servers and make 3 of them PVE, Fix all the missions to retail perfection and you might have a great setup here. Don't ignore your users! Even tho you offer this free besides votes and donations you will loose people due to the fact your social skills suck and you will not stand behind your efforts.

I wouldn't go out of my way to recomend ya to anyone but if they asked me about AMDWOW I'd have to say "If you like try out different gear and don't mind no support? then this is a fun place to hang. Not allot of griefers, but lots of bugs, lots of not working items as well. Just because your a free game server doesn't mean you can or should give us only half of WOW, make it a whole experience to make it fun"


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