Eternion Server

Has 8 realms! unfortunately all pvp. Translation into English is not very good and is misleading in missions etc. Assume this game server must be run by Japanese players.

In starting the wow server they pelt you with gold, 80 level, and a bunch of weird teleporters and mall areas. This server focus's on trying to maintain the number one rating on the top 100 free wow servers by constantly urging players to vote for them, also offering rewards for doing so. IMO they should concentrate on delivering excellent game play before trying to gain a rep as number one?

Anyhow, they have a ridiculous timeout. It seems if you stand still for more than 3 minutes your out if the game, so logging in is something you should not mind doing if you play this wow server.

For those of us non die hard pvpers there isn't much to do here other than play around on various flying mounts they give you all of them at start. You can also battle MOBS but doing the missions seems ridiculous and extremely hard to understand.

I wouldn't be so quick as to hand the number one spot over to this wow server yet.


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