This non USA WOW server is better than most. While their mastery of English is weak which effects missions and descriptions for their rules and server descriptions it doesn't deter that this is one of the more fun free wow servers I have been on lately.

You still have your choice of great gear even if you do not vote or offer donations. But on the other hand this is constantly being waved in your face.

Lich King served as a main NPC from which to teleport, bank adjust skills etc until they changed it suddenly, now I'm not sure how to get around and find that begins to annoy me. Hope they fix that one quick or put in gates at all the major burgs.

Some of their vendor numbers are a bit ridiculous. There are so many in one location it is hard to find anything or it takes all day to shop.

Missions need to be fixed, repaired and grammatical corrected then it needs to be left alone. It will make us questers happy.

All servers are PVP which sux, one dedicated quest server outta the six would have been nice.

More coming about AMDWOW soon stay tuned.


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