Free Servers? Now there's Free to Play it opens up whole new worlds and whole new hells as well you decide.


Been awhile since I last posted and as in most cases it was because of real life issues, some good, some not so good. Anyhow that's not why we're here right? It's because we enjoy playing game online, either FPS, MMO or some other genre of game style but we love to do it with other people in digital environments, that's what counts.

In the last year or so a new phenomenon has hit the electronic gaming world. Used to be people would get the code from companies like EA etc to run the client on home based systems and offer free online gaming on privately owned servers. WOW! (pun intended) and UO were now free of that monthly $12-15 charge after the initial $65-95 purchase price that is.

Free player run servers offered free play but at a price! Kids aren't stupid they tried to turn a profit on this new deal. They charged you for all the coolest stuff in the game, the flying rides, the cool neon armor that is called "uber god-smack PWN u suit of vanquish" you had to buy their credit markers for a small amount of real money and trade them in for the goodies. But kids usually take things too far and way out of context and they ruined most of their free servers by getting greedy. Advertising everything under the sun and interrupting game play or spamming chat with ads or promos to raise money for themselves, it got a little overboard. Worse is the log in wait times. Hell I am willing to pay $10 a month to a retail gaming company if I can just get on the game in a few seconds not hours as is the norm with the greedy private servers who Que up their non paying customers.

Free servers are usually spammed with ads kids could relate to and some adults with over active glands as well. And you have a tendency to have smack talking 12 year old who talk like truckers pwning the chat channels. If you dig that or filter it, it becomes less of an issue, also there is always the ignore button.

Free to play on the other hand, isn't much better other than retail still has an interest in it and develop some new content from time to time and usually have some kind of professional GM support in the game. But you would think adult game makers would be different than acne covered adolescents right? wrong, the ads and the "buy this" spamming are still there in retail free to play.

Some free to play in fact, like Wizards 101 and Lord of the Rings Online take customer extortion to a new level. The common method of holding a gun to your back and demanding your wallets contents, is "game content". These are things like quests, levels, rides, and expansions or dungeons. You get to play the main level or area or instance for free, with extended log in times and token purchasing ads. Your usually level limited as well for example a 65 cap whereas "paying" customers get to 75 or 85. There are many other privileges that come with being a monthly paying sucker as well, but we're in a global depression here, millions of people are facing death, starvation, and foreclosure and a $65 purchase followed by a $10-$15 per month charge is to dear for lots of gaming enthusiasts. So we put up with what's supposed to be free but is really on a thimble full of content.

Who wins in the online battle for supremacy the free private server or the retail free to play gimmick? Neither if your a die hard online gamer both will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth if you like fair treatment.


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