Molten WOW

Well I'm on...rather I have an account on Molten to do an evaluation of their services for you BUT there's a big problem in that.

Molten offers five free servers, all of which are swamped! TWO hour wait times? I realize it's free but do you (the server owner) realize there is supposed to be a game there not just a login screen with a timer?

This has been this way for several days now and I'm just about done with it and ready to move on to the next one until we find one that balances content with login and we can get in there to play. I'm tempted to jump the gun and say skip this one but in all fairness I will give it a fair number of tries before I blackball them.

WOW retail has no waiting times get to that point and your starting to get it. Common Molten!

P.S. This is my second evaluation of Molten. I did one quite awhile ago and the write up doesn't change much so far.


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