DETHPOD WOW Free servers.

WOW is all i got to say, I haven't tried the PVP server but I made a character (Warlock) on their (like retail) server and its just like retail alright. Beautiful all missions seem to work, there are people around, I found a guild quickly and the peeps are cool. This truly is my new home for WOW at least when I play WOW. It's a 1X server so skills raise at the rate they do on retail. There are some bells and whistles but not many if you vote positively for them in the WOW free server TOP 100, which is OK so long as its not done overboard which this one isn't.

Ah like original wow you have a hard time getting around as a newbie since gates are hard to find. But hook up with a guild and other people will get you around the maps.

Like I said give this one a shot, you'll like it allot. I'll keep you informed as I play. Oh and they type English and keep a clean server.


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