LotRO Part II


Still exploring LotRO at this time. Currently the games producers have entered some summer festival content for everyone including us "free to play" people. I have noticed however that the festival tokens are also available as a pay for item in the LotRo Store not sure if that's aimed again at just the "free to play" people or what?

Worst thing about this game so far it the frikin log in time. Don't tell me it my PC! I get instant log ins on WOW, PotBS, and Tanks online, definitely not my PC. Turbine needs to stop misleading the public, if your offering the game "free to play" then make it free to play the whole thing including shortening the 20 minute or more log ins. VIPs get in instantly. The rest of us suffer and eventually if it doesn't improve so will my review of LotRO.

They are offering a 4 realm pack of quests right now at around the 2000-3000 turbine cost which may sound cheap but if your in game earning the turbines, you may have another opinion.

Something of the in game culture of LotRO online: I don't always just pay attention to the game itself when I play it but I also pay attention to the culture or class of people playing the game, why you ask? Because the people actually make the game, whether your a PvP lover or RPer or Power gamer. What have I noticed about LotRO so far? Well a big thing in any MMO are usually the guilds or societies or whatever they call they're particular group of people. In LotRO the "Kinship's" are player created and so far I haven't met one in the game I like. It's kind of sad but most just sit in the chat room all day slapping each other on the backs and ignoring new people they have in the kinship like myself for example. Out of about four kinship's on two toons (characters) that I have. No one in any of those kinship's has helped me or asked if I even needed the help, strange considering the entire game is based on fellowships? Another thing is maturity level of the players, for the most part the group in this game seem strangely complacent. A good thing is there is no swearing or very little on chat. Some of the Kinship's however do have people leading them that cannot spell or are just uneducated or are what we used to call "smack talkers" And some are led by people to young to lead, they just do not have the skill required to lead anyone. For example on one kinship the guild owner "spam" recruited 3 of us at the same time, just saw us in the town square and sent us join invites, so we accepted. His or her next message was to give him gold to buy a Kinship house! Gold is not easily come by so why would i give it to a kinship I knew nothing about? Common kinship leaders grow up and give your players 90 days to evaluate you as well as you evaluate them. No different than a job interview but do not ask for gold or donations up front why not show new members what cool things your kinship has to offer such as help in quests and other things that may hang a new player up when they are starting?

So if you are looking for a kinship in LotRO be ready to join and quit allot of them. As I said the entire game is based on fellowship and unless your in a "click" its really hard to get into one and it makes the game extremely hard to play when all the quests are based on groups or specifically the best quests. Some instances have the option for you to solo them but they are near impossible to do so or are impossible depending on your toons class. (Its now my 5th attempt to get into the game this morning). Not fair, I think LotRO should make it so your skirmish helper is available for you in any instance, whether your VIP or free to play, you really need that help. Or they need to make all instances and quests able to be played solo after-all even though the Rings was written about a fellowship it also contains many single quest characters and that should be on equal par with the fellowship and its difficulty should be designed on whether you are solo or in a group not solely on groups.


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