What you read isn't always what you get.

Lately I beta tested Defiance which I'm eagerly waiting to play. It's fun and it's release is on April 2ND.  However, I'm a bit let off by one of Trion's promotions for the game in which they, teamed up with Steam. They offer various in game rare in game items which is a wonderful idea and thing and I don't want to seem ungrateful for a bit of a head start when joining up, but in this offer Steam/Trion say you get a copy of retail RIFT by Trion and a second incentive for buying Defiance early on Steam.  Where the problem lies is how they present this offer, it comes across like your getting a free game, you even get the CD code but that's not the case. There is NO FREE play on rift it's a subscript only game UNLESS you want the vegetarians version of the game called "light" which limited you on almost half of all the playability of the monthly version.

Anyways, Like I said disappointing for me. You can only afford so many monthly games and their $60 initial purchases, unless of course your spoiled, your parents don't mind if it keeps you out of their hair, or you work are 40 and live at home with mom, or you steal the money from the rainy day jar every month. Some people MAY be able to utilize this reward because they have more money than brains, it happens. Anyway, a posting on the reward ad that there is a Monthly script would have been forthright and up front instead of over-looking that fact for eager Defiance players.

And as added news a new development: Also I would watch what you post on the TRION forums. Apparently if you bleep out your own swear words, that can lead to you being banned. WTF? For Example when I deal with some goof that thinks his ass-kissing of a Dev team member makes him a forum god and he/she flames everything you say, I call them ASSHATS and in this forum I called them this ******* A**hats  (litterally with asteriks)and for this I was threatened with expulsion. LIBERALISM exists even in forums. If you don't say what the dictators like then they toss you out until all the opinions come from the same type of people. Assholes.

Until next time, and remember I'll make your head-shot a personal experience. - EzPikins


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