LotRO - my hunter elf

Well i spoke a bit about the wife's Lore Master character and how weak and really kinda frustrating they are to play especially from level 28 and down so far. She is weak, her pet companions are weak, and she has hardly any combative skills at all, boring, unexciting, lame and frustrating (oh i said that already). Well you get the picture?  I'm also disappointed how you can gain any level and not have some new skill or ability available to you, no matter how small, it would be something. But yesterday I reached level 29 with her and nothing no skills or anything either for her or for her pets or whatever, very disappointing to have voids in the skill gain like that. Anyhow, on to my Hunter character, more on the Lore Master later.

OK the Hunter reached level 40 now and I would have to say, compared to the Lore Master character this ones 90% more fun to play BUT still lame and weak in certain situations. First off hunter uses ranged weapons or can arm a sword or mace in each hand for two weapon fighting. The Melee fighting is OK but as a Hunter your limited to only medium armor which doesn't take a whole lot of punishment from melee mobs. Again more than two at a time and you are dead.

The bow on the other hand works great if your in a fellowship and you keep your distance from the mobs. Play by yourself which your left to most the time and the mobs will not stay at a ranged distance from you unless they are ranged fighters as well. The others, the Melee mobs just jump on you in a group and your dead. The bow is interrupted quite easily by any hit from a mob so repetitive ones kill you. Lame! Boring!

The bow cannot do well in close melee situations plain and simple unless your 10-15 levels above the mobs that is. But that's boring. Turbine needs to make adjustments they need to bring the amount of damage by arrow up and interference caused by melee down or make the melee part more advantageous to use when in close, IMO.

Or better armor or bows need to be available at lower levels. The dungeons or instances? Well the first low level one is called the Barrows - the maze. and its LAME. even with a character at level 40 and the mobs set to level 25 ( you can pick mob levels from 20 up to your level or 50 I think maybe 60 but anyways even at 25 the mobs are super powered and soloing the dungeon is almost if not impossible. Lame.

The hunter has some tracking skills but they seem repetitive, there's one for mob bugs/animals, mob animals/humanoids and one for dead stuff. The bug/animals and animal/humanoids ones seem dumb and overlap each other a waste of skill points and levels. How bout a hunter pet? or some spells to keep the mobs at ranged distance when soloing?

But over all at least this toon can run around and do SOME stuff alone without a fellowship or party or having to drag half your guild with you on quests and deeds.

Now this is not to do with skills but I just have to put my two cents worth in. Storage sucks in this game! You have to BUY extra storage if you want it (even if its what other games normally give you for free AND even if your free to play) Still there is never enough and I mean even if you do not collect allot of junk and sell everything your toons cannot directly use, like me, there is still no room for storage. Everything costs more Turbines and Turbines cost either real money (free to play my ass) or some SERIOUS time in gaining them free by doing deeds etc. Anyhow wtf Turbine? How bout you give a player unlimited resource storage for their particular trade? Like a woodcutter can store unlimited stacks of wood of one type or another or the resins etc for making bows? or the parts of the weapons that can be made for your trade? Stop being such penny pinching cheap skates! Throw us "possible" customers a bone once in awhile rather than treating us like dung.

OK I'm done later. :P


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