In regards to "in Por ylem" free UO server

Well I finally did get in to create an account here, and for a brief 10 minutes or so had the chance to revisit with some old UO memories. Almost brought a tear to my eye, in more ways than one.

The whole deal with Razor which has major splash screen issues not to mention giving me netframework errors and disabling my windows firewall somehow. And then IPY, making the account and having my character be born with "general Character" name instead of the one I picked ( I could later change it but what a pain.) I also received a blue screen of death. So, I've given up on In Por Ylem 2 until they figure out what it is they have screwed up or Razor does or both. Anyhow I wouldn't recommend anyone with a clean running machine go and try this one out.

Not if you like gremlins afterwards anyhow.


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