A new update about UOWOW the first free online wow server I tried, it seems that it is closing down as of 05/2010. Apparently, the game server admin did not get rich as he had hoped by trying to elicit funds through every means possible in the game and he has given up.

Not to worry folks there are lots more out there and I will find the best ones and weed out the shitty ones.

Oh and a word of wisdom or two to people hoping to get rich with free wow servers. There's retail out there now which cost $15 to play each month and they do not make you pay extra for the goodies, usually. Then there's YOU the supposedly free game server. Why not practice what ya preach and stay free for ALL of it? People will pay Retail for a stable wow server where quests ALL work, gear is attainable by anyone and PVP and PVE are balanced and optional. So why would they donated $15 bucks a month or more for upgrades and stuff from you? Doesn't make sense even an idiot would agree. So lets concentrate on offering what Retail doesn't, like FREE play on wow servers that are bug free, where PVP is optional, and missions ALL work like they should. Everyone has the same chance to get the gear out there with no strings attached. Donations are welcome but NOT manditory EVER. GET IT?


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