Fairly quick sign up for a free wow account. Only three game servers with a limited number of players allowed on each so there is an irritating "wait" to play, sometimes of a hour or more. Unless you switch wow servers. Added 5/16/2010: The wait period really sucks on this one, almost enough for me to pack it in already go somewhere else. I've been 373 in queue for approximately 35 min now. The admin needs to add more to the numbers allowed on each wow server or update their equipment to handle it if they want to be rated as good. Most of us don't want to create characters on different wow servers its too tedious.

Missions are intact for the most part nothing seems not to work there. In game graphics are a bit amateurish especially where some seams do not line up or the type of texture used is inappropriate for the type of structure.

People seem friendly on my game server at least, haven't checked out the other ones yet. I have not met any grief players although it comes up saying all wow servers are PVP.

Cash seems fairly straight forward to make there are no uber boosts there. Same with skills etc I haven't noticed any super uber boosts there either.

Not sure what motivates the game server admin yet as far as free game play goes. Most try to illicit funds out of their players somehow. I'll write more on this when I know more.

Stay tuned for this information about Molten to be updated as I progress through the levels and character types here.


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