Well not sure if its my connection or their wow server speed (I'm on cable with COX) but the connection in game is jumpy and a bit laggy. I won't blame Molten though until I've verified my modem speeds and cables.

The wait period to log-in due to server restrictions on their part is still ridiculous. They either need to add more allowed accounts per game server or maybe expand and add a new server or two, or just up that number some.

Other than that I been having fun. No griefers yet, got ganked once with my newbie character. Was the typical I'm fighting a mob and my health slips then the ganker hops in and finishes me off before the mob could. Ahhh well such is digital life eh?

Mission work fantastic. I haven't hit one yet that I remember that hasn't worked and they are still the best way to raise up exp on a newbie.

Stay tuned I'll add more about this free wow server as I come across stuff.


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