These are the continued voyages of the Starship....

Yup still playing. Currently STO has received some Kudos from me because of the recent missions which include even us usually lowly F2P players. I just 50'd my Klingon now a Lt. General and quite a fun character to play with the Klingon mission content which is almost as good as an actually episode of Star Trek fresh on the tube. I'm getting some nice gear which I hope doesn't end when the missions do? And I'm finally slowly starting to figure out the sometimes confusing very complicated system of skill sets for toon and the rest of the bridge crew and duty officers you are required to use in making your skill set. Its not easy but once you get the premise (geek who thought it up) it comes just a bit easier.

Lately however, not sure if its because of the mission content or some other reason but STO has been having downtime and allot of crashes while playing. This is annoying and I hope the boys and girls of STO figure it out soon?

I have tried out the PVP and love it. Also the instances are great where you get up to 8 people and try and reach a common objective together. Those are really cool. this last week has been fun, STO is one of my favorite online F2P games at the moment. I still have some issues with the segregation of value for the people that have the money to spend on C's and those of us who don't, IMO everything in a F2P game should be attainable as FREE even if there is more work involved to attain it. So far STO has no way in game to obtain C's for free as far as I know? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Levels are not limited to F2P, most missions aren't but i will verify that in the coming weeks and see if there is content that is purchase only. I do believe there are some ships and themes which must be purchased and there is no way to get these free, such as the old 60's bridge set up and uniforms etc. :(

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